Auto & Truck Accidents

We represent individuals injured through no fault of their own in catastrophic automobile and trucking accidents. When you’re going against big insurance companies you need an attorney with compassion and integrity fighting for you. With big insurance companies, you don’t get the justice you deserve, you get the justice you demand.

Slip & Fall

Owners and operators of office buildings, restaurants, government buildings, shopping centers, hotels and apartment complexes have a legal duty to protect their customers and guests from injuries caused by known hazards and negligently maintained properties. If you are injured you deserve full compensation for all of your damages, including reimbursement of your medical bills, lost wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering.

Business Disputes

Litigation should always be a matter of last resort for your business. But sometimes filing a lawsuit is the only way to protect your business interests when it comes to dealing with customers, vendors and/or competitors. We offer a variety of payment options designed to give small businesses the flexibility to pursue your claim in the most cost effective way possible.